In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Jason Jia

High-Speed Portraiture

As a fashion photographer, I have shot a lot of different actors. Recently, I got an enquiry from one of the largest national broadcasting companies in China, Hunan TV.  They would like me to help them to do an image portfolio for 56 of their young actors. The pictures should convey energy and color. Sounds like a fun shoot to do. However, they only gave me four days to complete all shootings. The timing is very tight for 56 individual shots but I still liked to take this challenge.

First, I needed to decide on the lighting setup. Since there would be limited time, the lighting needed to be simple.  All of the actors are quite young so the pictures couldn't be too murky and needed to show the youthful energy. However, it is not a difficult task for me since I am a broncolor user. There would be a lot of action and jumping shots. Therefore, I decided to use the Scoro powerpack to make sure I am able to have the best flash duration for high speed photography.

In the beginning, I planned on using a Para 220 as a main light. It's easy to setup and gives the best lighting for simple action shoot. However, another challenge was the space of the studio. The TV station was only able to provide a small studio which was located in their office building. In this case, I needed to change my plan. I used two units of Pulso G's with P70 standard reflectors to light up the white background. Then I placed a large softbox to the top of the actors to fill in top light and a small softbox went to the bottom to illuminate some of the shadows on the faces.   For the main light, I just simply used a Ringflash with soft reflector instead of Para 220. The overall lighting setup was easy and simple. The Scoro powerpack is able to provide high speed and reliable lighting for four days of shooting and helped me to complete the work on time.


Lighting Equipment

Scoro 3200S x 2pcs
Pulso G lamp head x 4 pcs
Ringflash C x 1pcs
100x100cm softbox x 1pcs
30x120cm softbox x 1pcs
P70 reflector x 2pcs
Soft reflector for Ringflash x 1pcs