In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Philipp Rupprecht


Hangar-visual5 v03

This time around, I was lucky enough to shoot the Red Bull Racing Formula One race car. The chance to shoot their f1 race car came from the cooperation between Red Bull and broncolor with their Red Bull Illume photo contest. Not only was the subject special, but the location was incredible.

MG 8815

MG 8805

The venue for this shoot was none other than Hangar-7, the home to the majority of Red Bull toys which consist of their Formula One race cars and the Flying Bulls aircraft fleet. There's no doubt there were some amazing toys out here. We ended up having the opportunity to be able to incorporate one of the planes in the shoot.

Hangar-7 is a very unique building located at the Salzburg Airport, which just happens to be the second largest international airport in Austria. This location provided us with an excellent background for the Formula 1 race car and the Flying Bulls aircraft come together for this shoot. Almost everything was coming together perfectly. The one thing that is impossible to control with outdoor settings was the one factor that gave us a little bit of an issue. You can’t predict how the weather will behave during a photo shoot and this shoot wasn't any different. The skies were constantly changing from bright sunshine to cloudy skies which altered the lighting conditions.

Hangar-visual2 v03

MG 8819

MG 8781

To combat the changes in the lighting conditions, we used the broncolor Siros 800 L monolights along with some modifiers to shape and control the light and help create a continuous mood throughout the complete shoot. We paired the Siros 800 L with one of my favorite modifiers, the broncolor P45 narrow reflector, to give the F1 race car some hard lighting and contrast.

MG 8789

MG 8803

To add soft lights in the details as well as smooth out the reflections on the edges, we attached the broncolor 30 x 120 cm softbox to the monolights. For the narrow, hard-to-reach areas of the f1 race car, including the cockpit, we ended up using the broncolor Litepipe P modifier for soft, continuous lights. I had a great experience during this shoot, and as always, I hope you enjoyed the photos.

MG 8837