In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

David Sheldrick


So I recently just received my new broncolor kit. Needless to say, it was an epic day when it all arrived, and that I was eager to use all of my new toys. I immediately lined up a series of test shoots with local modeling agencie and got myself into a studio where I could test out the Siros 800 S kit.

I pulled together a talented team for hair and make up and we began having an experimental portrait day in the studio with the new lights. One feature of the Siros 800 S kit that I wanted to use was its ability to fire in sequences to create a stroboscopic effect. I set up my camera on tripod and by using the bronControl app, varied the number of flash sequences between 3-10. Shooting on a white back drop, I set up my Siros lights with a Para 88 on my key light placed in between a rembrandt and butterfly position, and used the broncolor Superboom on the XXL stand to create a top light and throw some more detail into the hair. After initial looks I added my third Siros light which I placed behind the model with a snoot modifier mounted to create a spot on the backdrop behind the model. By keeping the model still and blowing the hair around we where able to bring a sense of motion to the portrait shots that created a beautiful stroboscopic effect around the hair.




Photography - David Sheldrick
Hair - Seungki Baek
Make Up - Josie Chan
Model Charlotte @ NEXT
Model Lauren @ Wilhelmina