In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Dimitriy Rogozhkin

Grandfather memories

I would say that the main aspect behind my work is just a simple thing - the way I see common people and how I can foresee them as the main subject of an artistic outcome. It starts by understanding that particular emotion that naturally shines in someone and then developing a concept based in that feeling. I always consider every element in the picture as a very important component that should has the goal of enhancing the subject’s emotion. Composition, texture, background, clothing and accessories are important components in my work, but the essential elements are light and color.

For the “Grandfather’s Memories” work I focused on the relation between two young girls and their grandfather, who live in a typical Russian village. That wonderful link of love and respect for someone who represent guidance, protection and wisdom were in this case the starting point.

grandfather 2

grandfather 3

grandfather 4

The cold winter was a wonderful component that represented the hardness of life and, in opposition, a reason for having strong relation. It’s also an important element because of it’s blue color which helps creating a cold atmosphere while people are highlighted by having yellow and red tones. I chose an open place with the typical winter natural landscape and then I had to wait for a clear sky for a few days. The temperature was around -10 Celsius. The models wore real winter clothing and all the accessories were also real.

I used the Siros 400 L with the 85 cm Umbrella configuration, placing it by following the same direction of the sun. The idea was to create a warmer and brighter light. For the snow texture I used the Siros 400 L without any light modifier (Softbox or Umbrella), making pictures of the snow while having the sky as background. A simple idea, yet something that adds details to the final result.

grandfather 1

grandfather 5

I made a picture of a wonderful big dog in a different environment and I add it later to the main picture. I used the Siros 400 L with the 85 cm Umbrella for this separate shot. It’s important to consider that all this work was done in a natural environment with relative low temperatures. It was necessary to have a good logistic in order to be able to have breaks that allows the models to get warm between shootings.

The possibilities that broncolor offers in regard of mobility, compactness and efficient design are simply the best. Even when the setup was a simple one, not having cables, heavy equipment and big complex bags definitely made a difference in an environment where every minute counts. The quick configuration procedure was also an advantage, so in no time I was shooting, making it possible to focus just in the work instead of technical procedures. Bravo broncolor!