In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Yulia Gorbachenko


This time of the year I was inspired by the holiday spirit and metallic trends. Metallic has never been bigger in fashion, and where fashion goes, so does beauty.

There is nothing richer looking than gold makeup. I decided to create gold beauty story with modern fine jewelry for Harper’s Bazaar. I wanted to keep it classy and elegant but add a twist of creativity. Our model Luma Grothe @ One Management New York is of German, Japanese, African, and Brazilian descent, which makes her such a unique stunning beauty.

For the main light I used Broncolor Para 88 with diffuser to soften the light combined with the move 1200 L power pack. It was positioned on my right side. I placed a silver reflector to my left side for some fill.


I was happy with the background color - there was no need to lighten it; but I wanted slightly more details in hair on the back. To do so I placed Broncolor Strip Softboxes (30x120cm) on each side facing the model combined with Siros. Please watch the video below to get all the insides from the shoot. Enjoy!


Camera info: Hasselblad H5D-50C with HC Macro 120mm 1/250 at f/13 at ISO100

Model: Luma Grothe @ One Management for Harper’s Bazaar