Jvdas Berra


I had the opportunity to work with Glamour Magazine in this interesting editorial, it was made by thrift clothes mixed with some fashion designers.

The editor wanted an abandoned place with an apocalyptical feeling. After some location scouting I found this amazing place named “Posada del Sol”, in the middle of Mexico City. It was a hotel in the 50´s, but after some unfortunate events the place was abandoned.


I used two broncolor Siros 800 L, a Octabox 150 , a Softbox 60x60, one reflector and a Pentax K1 with 28 - 70 mm 2.8 Lens.



Photo: Jvdas Berra
Styling: Carlos Victimo
Model: Rose @ Contempo Models
M&H: Aracely Zárate
Production: Monica Jimenez

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