In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Nils Wilbert

From the Dark

Hello, hello! This month it was time to try something new, with vibrancy and motion. So we decided to experiment with water and Colour.

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First, I needed a container that could hold the water. And of course, I did not have the exact size I needed in the studio. Therefore, I had to improvise. I used a photo frame with a black underground and a transparent plastic sheet to create a shallow water tank.

I then went on to position the perfume bottle and the camera. From my experience working with glass, I knew that there would be some challenges photographing a transparent rose-colored glass bottle lying on a dark underground, as the dark underground would shine through and the glass would look mostly grey and dull. To avoid this and get the color right, I cut out a piece of paper in the shape and color of the glass and placed it behind the bottle. I picked a color that was similar to the one of the glass, as the paper would be visible through the glass.

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For the lights, I first placed a diffusion panel over my setup. I decided to do this because I wanted to have better control over the reflections in the water and on the product itself.

Next, I positioned a Siros 800S with a L40 standard reflector and a small honeycomb to the right behind the diffusion panel, to create a soft spot on the bottom right corner of the frame and to have a reflection on the cap of the perfume bottle. I was missing some contrast and light on the product, therefore I added three more lights to the setup and chose to use the Scoro 1600 S with three Picolites to do this.

With the first Picolite, I used a medium honeycomb and positioned it on the left behind the diffusion panel. This light created a similar effect as the Siros 800S I had placed on the right. The second Picolite with a projector attachment, I placed above my camera, pointing downwards onto the perfume bottle. Here I used the metal templates, to focus the light only on the glass of the perfume bottle.

Lastly, I added the third Picolite without any reflector on the left side of my setup, for more contrast and Depth.

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Everything looked great, but the water was so quiet you couldn’t really tell that the perfume was sitting in water. Plus I felt that the picture still missed colour. So I added colour gels to the lights that were pointing through the diffusion panel. I created small ripples in the water and I got my shot!

It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed creating this sensual mood. I hope you guys enjoyed the blog and until next time.