In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Ilona D. Veresk


Hello! Long time not seen and I`m really glad to be back! Today I have something extra and a bit harder than usual to show you. Kind of challenging. 

These are some images from one of my last shots: In my opinion, it looks like the frog princess.

So let’s talk about the challenges. For me, it was not only the light but also the visual escape from my typical style and colors, some kind of experiment. Most of the time I’m trying to control everything, but this is a different way. Not being an art director, but the executor of my role as a photographer. The same thing happens on fashion shots when being a stylist is a key for the whole shoot, but this one is about creativity. Okay, an interesting experience. Let’s go, I’ll try to make things as clear as a bell and explain every detail. 



4181 S

The model and location. For the whole series we were inspired by headpieces of «Beretkah». It all looks very strange and mystical, like the fairytale itself. We had a gray wall and put a grey handpainted backdrop on the floor, because laminated floor is not a good idea for artistic images and for our outfits. 

Let’s count the lights! 

First one: sharp tight light from the above 

The second: soft strip on the model

Third: round spot on her veil  


Source 1: Sharp light with a MobiLED

There is one monolight with a tube above the model, lightening up the wall, face and shoulders also her knee. To get more beautiful and dynamic shapes, I asked her to lift up her face and cross the legs. I used a tube with middle size honeycomb because i wanted to get more direct ray. 


Source 2: Filling light with a softbox

Filling lights are usually a boring story, but why not to use it as a second ray? The simplest way to get something like this is a two black flags with some space between. There are softboxes with only one diffuser on some distance to the flags. It gives us a soft filling on the model and wall and also a nice ray on the floor. 

Source 3: Nuances with the Picolite

Okay, now we have two lights, but it’s still a bit boring. So, let’s add something interesting. We had some glitters on the veil so I just tried to light them up with a Picolite. I used all honeycombs I had in my bag, lol :D But a similar result you can get with a Fresnel lens for example. It gives us only a direct shining spot on the veil and dress. 





7422 S


broncolor move 1200L with one MobiLED lamp covered with a tube
broncolor Siros L 400 + Softbox 120 x 30 with only one inner diffusor
broncolor Picolite with honeycomb grids
2 Flags
Canon 6D + 24-105 mm f/4

Capture One