In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Agata Serge


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Many photographers are drawn to freckles. On a purely visual level, they are attractive and unusual. For me, though, freckles are more than decoration. They are like bubbles at the surface of the water, hinting at something lurking deep below. In my time working with “the Freckle people” I have had the opportunity to peer into the depths. Some of my subjects love having freckles, but many feel quite the opposite. To have freckles is to look different. I have heard stories of childhood traumas, bullying, and insecurities. That is why I have started working on “Another Freckle project”.  As I was more used to natural light (as all of you know already) all those images were created outside or inside but with a lot of natural light coming through the windows. I wanted to know, purely out of curiosity If I am able to create same shots with similar vibe and quality but using new gear from broncolor. 

Let me show you some results J I have used the Scoro 1600 Wifi and Pulso G 1600 J with Octabox 150. I was afraid that too much light from the Pulso will reflect on the black backdrop, so I have placed my subject a lot further from it then I was used to before. Thankfully we were in a very big studio and that was not an issue. 

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As I am still not used to the fact that I am shooting with artificial lights and I am not a big fan of catch lights from the huge Octabox, I was trying to find the best angle or shot to make it as natural as possible.

Obviously, there is some postproduction here too. I have blackened the background a bit so my lovely model pops more from the picture. Also, I have increased the contrast and added some highlights with dodge tool.

I personally think that it went pretty okay as for the first try out J