In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Dimitriy Rogozhkin

FIFA World Cup 2018 – Russia

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This time it is our turn to host the most important sport event in the world, the Football World Cup. It brings me joy as a Russian, to know that people from all over the world will be coming to my country and having the opportunity to enjoy the football games as well as discovering our culture, nature, architecture, history and more. Considering this, I took the chance to create something inspired in this subject, a work that shows our heritage, landscape, nature and spirit. 

The final work shows a group of kids of different nationalities from Russia, for the simple reason that my country is home of a big variety of ethnicities as Slavs, Tatars, Indoeuropeans, Caucasians, Mongolic, Uralic and many more.

Although we have a wonderful summer, I decided to go for what we are famous for, our beautiful winter weather, which helped me to create an atmosphere that goes well with my personal style: enchanting and with a slightly touch of drama. The picture in the Stadium was the counterpoise idea; higher contrast, dreamy feel and a great chance to get the very best from my broncolor equipment.

For costumes and accessories, I always prefer the classic style with rich textures and colors. In this case I preferred dark winter coats and hats. The old football leather ball definitely gave a wonderful touch of style. As for the mood, I decided to show different aspects and emotions. The happiness of a winner team, which in this case is related to the fact of been the host and the dream of becoming the winner team! Also the sportsmanship and competitiveness in the Russian spirit. As all of the projects that I did before as a broncolor ambassador, it was a pleasure for me to work with such a professional tool. The technical precision, mobility capabilities and easy assembling procedures makes the experience specially gratifying by been able to create a precise workflow which leads to professional results.

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Grafik 1

For the open field photography I used a 90x120 cm Softbox and the Siros 400L, both located with angles in order to create depthless. I later changed the background and added textures, details and the dog as well.

Grafik 2

For the Stadium Photography I used a more complex set. 2 Siros 800L in the background to recreate the stadium lights and a Softbox 90x120 in front to the kids to highlight their faces. Then I did the regular procedure of changing the background and adding details.