In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Lara Zankoul


pic 1

The spectrum of human emotions and that of textures and fabrics are very similar. They can vary from soft and delicate to rough, aggressive and uncomfortable. To a certain extent, fabrics are an extension of our skin. Its qualities can mimic our emotions.

My latest photo series aimed to do just that. It explores these similarities between emotions, feelings, and textures into fabrics.

In order to portray this idea as clearly as possible, I wanted to devoid the picture of any unnecessary distractions- this explains the blank background. By doing so, the fabrics used and the models were highlighted as key pieces of the image. 

The model and the fabrics form one continuous element of the picture. It’s no longer a person enveloped in cloths. The fabrics become a part of them. The way they are placed around the body, and the mixture of different textures, changing from soft to rough provide us with the spectrum of human emotions.

Light, transparent textures such as plastic sheets and muslin are used to express vulnerability. Rugs and carpets convey just the opposite. The texture found in the model’s hair was also used to bring the concept to life.

pic 2

pic 5

In order to achieve this visual result, appropriate and well thought out lighting was crucial. The textures needed to come out as crisp and as clean as possible.

2 model lights were used: the broncolor Siros L 800.  These lights have become a staple in my photography. And they always highlight the details in the pictures.

The main light was shaped with a broncolor Octabox 150cm and the fill with the broncolor Softbox 90x120cm.  This combination gave the image dimension whilst removing any distracting shadows.

pic 4

pic 6

In terms of set up, I kept it quite simple: I kept on moving my key light from a 45-degree angle to a perpendicular angle.

The final product, as you can see in the pictures, was a success. The textures are clear, the lighting is soft, non-aggressive and highlights the shape and form created by the fabrics.


Stylist: Jeff Aoun

Models: Mariah Tannoury, Reine Salameh

Hair: Harout Berberian

Make up: Justina