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Just like many men, I have always had a strong interest in cars and especially faceted by the way in which advertising showcases them in different environment and light. It's been a while since I wanted to create something with my knowledge of light and the incredible places I have in Iceland. By doing this kind of photoshoot I decide to get completely out of my comfort zone because it was the first time I was experimenting with this kind of projects and I was lucky to be able to borrow this Range Rover Evoque from 2018 to my neighbor. Several shooting locations near Reykjavik made the choice a bit difficult, so I chose to do this project near the famous blue lagoon located 35km away from Reykjavik.I wanted to play with the different colors that can be found on there with among others a kind of bluish and opaque river surrounded by a lava field .

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So this was the first time I did this kind of photoshoot but also the first time I used my Parra 177 on location, the main reason that I had not taken it out of the studio is the wind that can be very unpredictable and violent in Iceland, but as you can see in the photos "behind the scene" I had someone with me to hold it and fortunately because the wind began to gradually appear what has moreover interrupted the shooting after only one hour.

In addition to using the Para 177 with a MobiLed plugged into the Move1200L to illuminate the side of the 4x4, I added a second MobiLed connected to the same Move1200L with a P45 reflector to precisely illuminate the front then a Siros L 400 also with a P45 reflector to illuminate the rear wheel.

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This shoot was a bit challenging especially because of the conditions that have shortened the duration and therefore limited the possibilities but despite that it is an experience that I would reproduce by trying different places and different cars.

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