In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Natalia Evelyn Bencicova


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Dear readers, in-between working on a bigger project which you will be able to see here, on the Gen Next blog soon, I would like to share with you EDEN.

EDEN is a fashion story using creations of two talented designers Boris Hanecka and Marcel Holubec. This story was shot in a palace, currently used as gallery space in Bratislava. Characters are placed in front of fresco painted on on the wall in the way that they react to it and almost enter it. As I often do in my work, border between reality and vision is blurred, fluid. This time the illusion space is a painting. Living painting composed in front of the camera.

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I often go for inspiration to the museum and look at paintings. I observe the light and precision of the detail. I'm fascinated by symbols of slightest gestures and often borrow this approach while working. But sometimes I go there just to rest, to escape the reality into history. I use the option to stand or sit in front of the work and dive into it as if I would enter the world itself.

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As I know, Marek who was again, assisting with lighting does this also. I remember when we went to national gallery in Vienna and he was explaining to me how are different painted situations lit of course in photographic terms. That was the moment when I realised that you can really learn a lot about lighting - about the mood, about how the source, direction and colour of light changes the way we approach different aspects of the scene- from the classical painting. I have to admit, that since than every visit of a museum is a lecture for me:)

As I wanted the muses to blend with watercolor-like painting on the wall, the lighting needed to be as subtle as possible. We started to light the scene with Siros L  and Octabox 150 but we realized that it is still too much contrast for transparent, slightly reflexive fabrics and the soft quality of image I wanted to reach. We decided to soften the light even more with my 2x2m diffusion panel, which I always take with me. We mixed this super diffused strobe light with available ambient light and the final result was perfect.

Have a look how at our live painting, I'm hoping you enjoy it.


photography Evelyn Bencicova,

assistance Marek Wurfl

fashion Marcel Holubec W., Boris Hanecka

model Thomas Dorko (MiX model management)

styling Nina Ford

visage Mischel Warenits - Make-up / Photography

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