In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Nils Wilbert

Draw me a song

Montblanc 2018-12-0626583

A continuation of the last concept, this was again a look into what brought us joy as kids and what we love as adults with Mont Blanc as the product.

For the first image, we used the classic Mont Blanc Rollerball alongside childhood favorite - licorice strings. 

To set up I placed the licorice on to an acrylic sheet in perpendicular lines. 

Then I arranged the light sources. I used the Siros 800S as the main light, the Scoro 1600 and 3 Picolites as additional lighting with various attachments.  Whilst photographing I realized that the shadows on the white underground were too hard. To counter this I added a light source underneath the acrylic sheet to lighten them. 

Broncolor 2018-100566

With the second image, I had the beautiful Marilyn Monroe Mont Blanc pen. This pen has so much detail and I wanted the background to reflect and highlight those details. 

To do this I decided to make the background out of Crayola. I wanted to create a bed of crayons for the Mont Blanc to lie in, where the viewer is unsure what the coloured background is until a closer inspection is made. 

The light set up was again made using the Siros 800S as the main light, the Scoro 1600, 3 Picolites and 3 diffusion panels.



Montblanc 2018-12-0626534

And lastly, the product shots. I wanted these to be elegant product shots on a white background with soft shadows, that show off the lines of the pens. The pens are glossy, therefore very reflective and I wanted this to be highlighted in the shots. 

These photos were taken using a diffusion panel, the Siros 800 S with a Softbox and 3 Picolites. To create the final image I had to combine 2 images - 1 taken with the pico box to get the hard reflections on the top of the pen. and the other taken with a diffusion panel and fresnel spot behind it to create reflections in the metallic parts of the pen.   

Hope you enjoyed this post. More to come very soon. 



Broncolor 2018-100274 1