In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions


Demerliac Watches

I started to develop more and more interest for product photography, especially for jewelry and watches. Due to my recent blogs, you probably noticed that as soon as the opportunity arises, I shoot outside the studio. Thus, when the designer of Demerliac contacted me to ask if I had any specific idea for the photoshoot of the launch of his brand, it did not take me long to know where I wanted to shoot. I knew I needed a proper environment which matched Demerliac’s idea – outside.

Demerliac is entirely inspired by Iceland, its Viking past and the adventure on which we can find the runic Vegvisir (the Viking navigation compass). The Vegvisir is known as a symbol of guidance and protection. It is said, that the wearer of this symbol will not lose his way during storms and bad weather, even if he does not know of his destination.



On the day that we did the shooting, we were just supposed to meet to discuss what we would do and what I had in mind. However, that day the weather was relatively good despite strong gusts of wind. Before we actually had our meeting, I already mentioned what I wanted to do and especially where I wanted to do it. I just had to pack my equipment and leave. In this kind of situation, I travel lightly. I just need to take my Move 1200L as well as my MobiLed and a beatybox 65. 

We went to the south coast of Iceland about 45km away from Reykjavik in a place called Valahnúkamöl. The scenery was stunning. Valahnúkamöl is located along the North Atlantic Ocean where the coast is wild and steep. It offers a beautiful view of the open sea as well as very large volcanic pebbles on the beach.

It is sometimes challenging to photograph small objects in such a vast landscape. In these situations, it is necessary to make a choice between having the object appeare small on the image but with the desired environment in the background or to have the object bigger and therefore more visible while sacrificing the scenery. I absolutely wanted to get the best compromise and I think I have succeeded.

Now that the framing and depth of field suited me, it was necessary to include the light. We had the sun facing south east that day. The sky was partially covered with clouds which were constantly in motion. This turned out quite challenging since the natural light situation constantly changed. The second problem was the wind. Under these circumstances, keeping the watch stable was very difficult. Moreover, even the light could not stay on the tripod and had to be held by someone because of the strong wind. Even though, I directed the person to hold the light in the right angle, there were always some variations. All of this are parts of the challenges when you’re going to shoot on location. That is what makes it so exciting.



Regarding the settings of the camera, I shot with the Canon EOSR at 105mm with the RF 24-105, at f/11. I varied the shutter speed between 1/125 and 1/250 and programmed the Move1200L to fire the flashes on half of its power. Every now and then, I had to change some 1/10 f stops to compensate for the variations of natural light!

Thanks to Guillaume Demerliac for his trust in working with me to launch his brand Demerliac Watches.