In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Ilona D. Veresk

Dear deer

Today I would like to tell you about my new pictures. It seems rather unrealistic, but have you ever received the task to shoot a winter story in the middle of autumn? Editorial photographers do that a lot of times! Oh, we have green grass? - Okay, no problem, we will add some snow in Photoshop for you! 

IMG 7240

Have you ever heard about the Russian fairytale "Serebryanoe kopytse"? It was one of my favorite tales in my childhood! It inspired me to create this fashion series.

Although there are no direct references to that tale and his heroes, there is a kind of magic and friendship between my heroes - humans and animals - in this story. But it`s not so easy to work with real animals because you can't tell them "stand here please." Still, I was very motivated and couldn`t wait to get started with my new Siros L!

I usually use very simple schemes because I know that I will use natural light as a key. This time it was one monolight + one silver umbrella + one softbox 60cm + one awesome reindeer.

The set design without a set designer:

It`s not a secret that I never use chemical materials for purposes like this. To create the fairytale effect, we bought 5kg of simple flour and powdered it on the location. On the ground, trees, everywhere, even on me. As you know from my previous projects I'm a big fan of flour, it's very cheap and looks as natural as dust or even as snow if greased with long exposure.

It was an interesting suggestion of my stylist to add more colors to the pictures, so we added some red elements: boots, gloves, lips, berries and so on. The red leaves and trees on these pictures are made at the post-production. I didn`t want to allow these crazy green trees to ruin on my "winter" pictures even if I liked them before editing.

Just a little friendly advice: If you want to do crazy color corrections - use a LAB space. It will save the original quality. LAB separates color and tone foundation. It helps us to edit only the color and does not damage the tones. A very simple and useful thing and seriously deserves your attention! 

IMG 7328

IMG 7393

IMG 7441

IMG 7481

Becoming photographer wasn't my dream, I always thought that photography is mostly a technical skill. This was a big mistake because the truth is that technique is just part of the whole project.

And if you shoot without an idea, well...what is the reason to shoot with no idea?. Don't wait until hell freezes, freeze it yourself! Even the practical part can be creative.

Ok, back to the project:

Anything changed? Yes indeed! The flash was moved from the left to light up only half of the face. It becomes darker on the outside now. Obviously.. Stop! There are two reindeers now!

I decided it's too boring to have only one reindeer. Two are more challenging.

The most simple way to do something like this is a camera placed on a tripod, but I used only my hands and afterwards added the second deer from the other photo, using layer mask.



IMG 7470

Made with

Siros L 400

Silver umbrella

Softbox 60x60

Canon 6d


Photographer, art direction: Ilona D. Veresk @ilonaveresk

Stylist Maria Mak @Makmariee

Muse and model Lera @aquarellemodels

Key makeup/hair Marina Kolosova @marinakolosova

Makeup & assistant Iulia Nagumanova @ylittka