In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Lara Zankoul

Clear Waters

I was excited to finally experiment with my new broncolor lighting set. I wanted to see how it can contribute to the style of work I have. So I decided to venture with this trial and took three photos under the theme: “Clear waters”.

My next step was to call on my model, build my set and gather the elements I wanted to have in my work: mankind, nature and animals.

I used an insect, which I find really poetic – a dragonfly. Dragonflies start to grow in water and then move into the air and fly. They are generally associated with the symbolic meaning of transformation, adaptability as well as lightness of being. The aesthetic shape of the dragonfly and its translucency also drew me into using this element and couple it with my other favorite element: water.  I also used a fish for an extra photo.


So I watched all three elements  (mankind, nature and animals) interact and photographed them. That clear water, necessary and crucial to our existence, to that of the animals and to that of our mother nature, was the perfect link between these entities. There is a sense of symbiosis, a synergy that I deem essential to the balance of our ecosystem, a connection that I believe links and is part of everything and everyone, part of our existence.

Truth be told, expressing that was made much easier and much clearer because of the lighting. My model and elements bathed in clear water whose translucency and clarity was strongly highlighted with my broncolor set. A large inflatable pool inside my studio contained the water, the model and myself. It was practical using my Siros L and not having to worry about electricity wires accidentally hitting some water.  I could move my strobe around the pool easily. For this image, I used a single light source hitting the model’s face from a 45 degree angle, I used a 60x60cm softbox as a light shaper and a white reflector from the opposite side to fill for the shadows. As a first trial, I decided to go for a simple light set up to get the hang of the equipment but I can genuinely say that I am looking forward to experimenting with more complex lighting set ups.