In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Natalia Evelyn Bencicova

Classic Model Test


My next broncolor blog story is about a classic model test, which is a combination of the portrait and fashion photographic genre. Model tests are usually such jobs, which are commissioned by agencies to test the new faces and build their book before sending them to clients. But also to give them the experience of working on set.

Model tests are kind of imitations of the fashion editorial. The photographer has to work with several different moods as the styling and make-up is changing. That means that everything has to be very flexible, including the light set-up.

Model tests are not just a way of practicing the skills for the new face. It should also show the modelling qualities to the potential clients, for example the ability to work with posing and face expression. The quality and freshness of the skin should be visible in the final results - as well as a good body shape. The less post production you use the better, because these photos are supposed to capture the authentic look of the person.  




What I learned during the years of working with photography is, that you can play with reality using the right angles and lights. For example shooting from lower angle to prolong the silhouette if you want to make the legs look longer and visually slimmer. Very simple trick that works. You can use your lights in the same manner to adjust the shape of the body and face in a certain way, or making the skin more fine and flawless.


As I mentioned earlier, we changed the lighting setups several times throughout the shoot to achieve different moods. In our first setup we used daylight as our keylight and my favourite 150 Octabox on Siros S as a fill. In the afternoon, when the natural light started to fade slowly, we changed our setup, and this time we used one Siros S with the 150 Octabox as our keylight and a second Siros S with the beauty dish against white wall as a fill. 



Both agency and models were really happy with the result so I hope you like it as well, looking forward updating you with next news:)