In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Lara Jade

Charlotte Riley Shoot

I recently photographed British actress Charlotte Riley for Harrods Magazine in London. My go to set-up for this is what I use on almost all of my editorial and portrait shoots. It’s a very simple set-up but extremely effective – as I’ve mentioned in a few of my previous posts here on the Gen NEXT blog.

In the studio I am always looking to re-create window light and achieve softness in the skin tones, especially when working with non-models or actresses as the light is very flattering.

Since this shoot required full-length and ¾ length options, I chose to use a smaller octabox below the main light to fill Charlotte’s legs. If we had just used one light, the fall off on the lower half of her body would have been a lot cooler and desaturated.


My main light was the broncolor 150 (5ft Octabox) which was slightly feathered to add depth to the image. We used 2 black v-flats on either side to focus the light on Charlotte and create shadow on both sides – this helps the subject stand out from the background.

Since our background choice was simple, we decided to add some movement to the hair and one of the dresses by using a wind machine. This was held by our assistant Matthew, so that we could focus the wind in specific areas.


Equipment Used

broncolor Scoro 1600E Pack
2 broncolor Heads
1 broncolor 150 Octa
1 broncolor 75 Octa
2 V-Flats (on the black side)
1 Wind Machine

Equipment provided by Pro Centre, London

Shoot Credits

Styling by Poppy Rock
Hair by Charlie McEwan
Make Up by Julie Jacobs
Nails by Lucy Tuker
Digital Tech Matthew Richards
Photo Assistant Oscar May
Retouch by Ashlee Gray Retouch.
Behind The Scenes Images by Oscar May