In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Manuel Mittelpunkt

Catching the right moment

I love high speed images; especially when it ́s about liquid shootings. This is a lot of fun for me.

In this shooting I wanted to work with milk, because I love the texture; soft, clean and white- almost sensual. My idea was filling a bowl with lot ́s of milk and letting a shower gel bottle falling into it. This may sound easier as it is. It takes a lot of time, patience and endurance. You can ́t control how the bottle falls into the liquid and that is why many tries are necessary, until you have the perfect image.


For this shooting the right equipment plays an important role. You need very fast flashes in order to get a sharp image. For an example, if you let an item fall in a container full of milk, the following scene happens in a very fast tempo and most flashlights can ́t pick up with such a speed. This leads to unsharp photos. But that is exactly the exciting part about high speed: everything happens fast, but the image is caught in the right moment and has a sharp result. For this I use the Scoro S 3200 from broncolor, because I can take images till 1/10000 sec.! That is very fast and that ́s why it ́s the perfect kind of equipment for such a shooting.

Because I can count on my equipment, I "only" needed to make many pictures until I got the right one. It took me 250 tries, until I got the right image. I will show you some of the fizzles so that you can see how difficult it is until you are satisfied.

Considering the future, I am planning to experiment with more liquids of different kinds. With this kind of equipment I am sure that the results will be, as always, great.



Broncolor Scoro S 3200

2 x Pulso G 3200 Heads

1 x Standard Reflector P70

1 x 35x65cm Softbox

Hasselblad H2 + Phase One P65