In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Ilona D. Veresk


Hello everyone, Ilona with you! :)

Today I'd like to share the results of a bit spontaneous editorial shoot. "Broken tape" is a story about the 90's fashion, it`s bright, weird and curly! I saw the portraits of my mom in my early childhood, it was such a strange and funny style for me. Lol! 

Sometimes I do "historical" projects like this, but I totally don't like simple period looks, I'd prefer to mix all my stories with a modern vision and personal reinterpretation. It's much better and very interesting! 

Our model (Misha from Aquarelle models) is perfect for such kind of story! I'm still inspired by her appearance.

il 1

il 2

Okay, let's go. Starting from the research and tests as always. I wanted to get soft light, but with bright colors (as you know that categories are mostly mutually exclusive), so our choose was to use the opposite colors and color contrasts as it is, for example blue-pink, blue-yellow and more calm blue-beige. Looks nice, even if you only want to use an Octabox, but I still wanted something "extra" here. 

il 3


il 7

So, Picolite, it's your hour of triumph! 

Some of my students asked me "Did you photoshop the background?" - Ha-ha! Nope!

As you know, Picolite is mostly used for object shoots, but why not to use it in a fashion or portrait? Let's try the idea.

il 4

As you can see - it is a very simple scheme. No flags, no masks, nothing else. Just set up the main light source (I used the broncolor Octabox 150cm) one third less then Picolite or about so we can see exact shape of the used form. Triangle, or circles or any other masks on your taste.   

il 5

Cover story for VGXW @virtuogenix <3

Photographer, direction: Ilona D. Veresk @ilonaveresk

Stylist Alyona Pryamikova: @aalyonushkaa

Makeup/hair: Polina Nagornykh @polza_mua

Model: Misha @fluffy.helmet @aquarellemodels