In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Anya Anti

Blinking Eyes

An idea of this photo came up to me when I saw a sale on flower decor at a craft store. Sale was 50% off so I just had to grab some of those and do something. An idea of a self-portrait came up to me. I didn't want to do just a simple photo of myself with flowers. I wanted something more interesting. Something whimsical, fairy and dark. Something that I always do.

Than a thought of flowers with eyes came up to me. I think I might have seen something like that it in a movie or a cartoon. I can't remember. But it was perfect!

I bought some herbera-like flowers and a huge one. Blue color of course. Than I ordered doll eyeballs on Amazon which I attached afterwards to my flower heads.

I made this shot in my apartment in Brooklyn. I used my favorite Move 1200 kit like always with one Mobiled flash head and a softbox. I used additional stand and black fabric to create more direct and narrow light to immitate natural light from the window.

After I made and edited this photo I couldn't just stop. I wanted it to move! That's why I created a gif animation with blinkig eyes. It's been a while I wanted to create a moving image and I think it's a great start.


I gave this photo the name "Pansies" because to Russian it translates as "Anya's eyes" which gives a double meaning to this artwork.

This self-portrait is not just a picture of myself. It represents my inner self and my style of artwork.