In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions




This new editorial is a collaboration with 2 brands.
A.O.C absence of color is a womenswear fashion brand that derives inspiration from its minimalist Nordic roots to create affordable, curated and unique designs that encapsulates the modern woman's wardrobe.
DISDIS, everything is 100% handmade and the fabric they are sourced only
from the top of the list of manufacturers, often they buy damaged fabric
and use the most they can out of it.


For this shoot I wanted to play with geometry and a certain kind of lightness and the use of inflatable balloons as props matched in addition to bringing a touch of innocence, the make-up should therefore have straight forms to oppose the rounded shape of balloons just as black and white contrast in terms of color.

In this series, I also wanted to produce somthing different, something special that is close to the realm of dream and fantasy and because I am living in Iceland.



I had the perfect background in my mind but as it was a photoshop editing I had to place the model in the right position in the studio as well as the appropriate light to create what I had in mind. The entire editorial was shot using only two lights, a Siros L 400 on a 120x180 Softbox to the left of the model as a fill light and a para 88 with a MobiLed connected to the Move Pack 1200 L as the main light and oriented at 45 degrees on the right of the model, I simply had to adjust the height of the two lights according to the position of the model such as the photo on which she is lying on the floor but also the one for the photoshop composition.

Oh and a total of 100 balloons were used ...

Make up @pinkcolours_makeup

Model @vigdisardottir

Studio @north_pole_studio 

Hulda-AOC-White Dress

Hulda-Dis Dis