In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Victoria Krundysheva

Ballad of luxury

This project is my recent fashion story for one of India's biggest and most renown couture houses- Manish Malhotra.
The idea behind it was to showcase not just the gorgeous high fashion outfits, but the mood and lifestyle. Focus on a story each picture tells- story of longing, desire, search for more- the story of ultimate Manish Malhotra woman and Manish Malhotra man.
Location for the shoot was brand's flagship store in Mumbai that also created additional focus of my frame.
For a shoot like this I decided to gear up and bring my crucial broncolor players- Para, MobiLEDs and Siros, accompanied by the all-time classics- softbox, octa, standard reflector and strip.
One of the keys to success was conveying the store mood without completely isolating the strobe light. Instead, for some frames amplifying the ambient light and just using strobes to give more focus on the model.


mmf 4-3m

For the first look, i used the staple of every photographer- Octabox on MobiLED. Varying the intensity according to the angle and ambient light.


Next look presented even a bigger challenge since my frame included the mirror and the window, so placement of lights had to be such that they don't reflect off these surfaces, yet still provide enough intensity.
I used MobiLED with Para 220 as my key light, kept on a distance from my models. To create that extra "oomph" i added standard reflector as a rim.

mmf 1 -5m

mmf 3-9m

mmf 11-4

Next frame had me work with ambient light plus Octabox on MobiLED.

mmf 13-4m

Images of models entering through golden door required a hint of party mood. Apart from para working as my key light, i added standard reflector, kept right outside to create a backlight and emphasise both the golden door and the outfits.


"The changing room drama" images had one more challenge- to capture the textures of changing room, highlight the outfit, but at the same time maintain the depth.I used a big square softbox for this, placed right behind me as i was shooting through the changing room door.

Intensity and camera setting were yet again kept to provide a leakage of ambient light in the frame.



mmf 19-4m

Next set of images featured Octabox as a key player, keeping it simple and clean, yet maintaining prominent outfit textures.

mmf 22-5

mmf 5-v2-4 bwm

mmf 41-4

For the Cinderella-like frame of model entering the store, I have used the Octabox to give enough light to the outfit and hidden one stripbox to provide rim as she reaches for the door. Together they truly made the gorgeous golden textures come alive.

mmf 42-6m

For dramatic close-ups I focused on using only one square softbox, manipulating intensity in a way that only hightlights the model and foreground, fading the background into complete darkness.

mmf 33-4-3m

mmf 6-5bwm

For wider frames, apart from softbox, i used a thick glass to create an additional light motion effect, creating mood of surreal celebration.

mmf 34-5-2m

mmf 35-5m

mmf 36-5m

As challenging as such shoots can be, having reflective surfaces all around, they can also be a great opportunity to understand all the various ways strobe light can enhance the ambient light and how to make them work together to your advantage.
I am very happy with results and hope you enjoy seeing the images along with BTS we have prepared.