In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Natalia Evelyn Bencicova

balancing between light and dark

My new post is again coming from Paris. This time it is a fashion editorial for a new DIOR collection for French magazine Citizen K. We decided to put our muse Hazel into the role of a dark but beautiful creature and inspired by the collection itself balance it between emotion of fragility, sensuality and fierceness.

Our character combines something of day and night. It is both dove and the crow depending on which angle she chooses. I wanted light and mood which would follow this state of being somewhere in between. For this reason we picked 3 different dress colours: white, red and black, which are my favourite tones because each of them represents strong and very different emotions. I took some time to choose the background, which would compliment all of the colours. We decided for dark green, which worked nicely not only with the fabrics but also highlighted models beautiful porcelain skin.


I wanted to use birds and cages as symbol of both trap and freedom. The Model is switching between roles and changing overall mood with slight gestures and face expressions. Hazel was a great choice not only because of her dramatic beauty but also for her acting background - she is studying to be a clown. Even the dove, which was expected not to collaborate was not a problem at all and held still the whole time. It is true that magic on set does not happen all the time but during this shoot it definitely did.


In the matter of light atmosphere, I really wanted to reach super soft quality of skin and detail in every shadow. That is very important while producing fashion editorials that there is also information in the dark tones especially if the clothes are black. In order to have light even in the shadows we created a fill light with indirect light-sources reflecting into diffusion and my favourite Para 133 as key light which we moved according to posing. Of course this all happened with the help of an amazing team.



Lighting assistant: QUENTIN CHAMARD-BOIS