In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Jason Jia

Backgrounds in Fashion Photography

As a fashion photographer, I want a model to stick out of a picture. Therefore, I need to use different lighting setups to give the subject more prominence.

Lighting with high contrast would be one of the lighting technique which I like to play around with in order to bring out the model. The lighting on the background is also very important. It can help to bring forward the hard and soft characteristic of the subject.

In this shooting, I wanted to see the outline of the body and face. I used two Pulso G lamp heads with a white umbrella to light up the background and put a softbox very close to the model to light up the body. The structure of the body outline is pointed out very clearly.


I used the similar lighting setup for the color picture. The only difference is the background. It is using a real scene as a background. For the surrounding, we tried to use the lighting which fit in the atmosphere and environment.  I wanted to give the background a mysterious feeling. Therefore, I put two color filters on the background lighting. One red and the other one blue. The light is more gloomy too. 

The background lighting setup is very important for fashion photography. It can help to create the right atmosphere and really make the main subject shine.