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In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Anya Anti

Autumn Yarn

This photoshoot was made last year in November. All started when we went hiking to the Hudson Highland State Park on one late fall weekend. It was so beautiful that I decided to come back and do the photoshoot there. Around that time I met my model Inna. She lives in Connecticut and drives a car which is an awesome thing for car-less New Yorker. I offered her to travel there while there were still yellow leaves and do something interesting.

I doubted about the idea till the last minute. I had couple of them in my mind but wasn't sure. The day before we planned our trip I went to the local arts & craft store to search for the props and maybe something that would help me to come up with idea. That's where I saw a big plastic ball and sale on knitting yarn. I was going to do autumn knitting.


I invited my friend Yana to help me with the photoshoot and just have fun. I drew the sketch to show her my idea. She got a big yellow plastic tablecloth which we turned into a knitting later.


We started in the morning. Met on Manhattan, grabbed some coffee and went to our road trip. We even got lost a little on our way to Cold Springs, the town where the Hudson park is located. Around 2 o'clock we arrived to the place. We still had some time to prepare and shoot before it would get dark. But first we had to climb the mountain a little to find a nice spot. We also needed to pick up some yellow leaves, staple them onto the tablecloth and bring the lightning equipment.


Of course I couldn't travel without my Move 1200 kit! My poor husband had to hike with a Move travel backpack on his back. Yep, there are some disadvantages to be a tiny girl :) I tried to shoot without the light gear at first while it was still a little sunny. But the sun was too bright up on the mountain, creating strong highlights and harsh shadows. So I've waited for a little while and then we had literally 20 minutes of perfect light with no direct sunlight but still light enough to use a flash head only as a side light. I used Move 1200 battery pack with one MobiLED flash head and white umbrella.


It was pretty cold so I've made a few shots and after I've made a perfect one we picked up our stuff and went back home.