In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions


At Twilight

I’m always looking for ways to create beautiful sets that feel otherworldly yet modern. This is not always easy, but it gives me a ton of inspiration. When Fumihime visited me, we decided to use my couture dress from Alice Corsets and black wings from an online supplier to create a set that would walk the line between a fantasy and a cinematic look.

Tha Fum Galaxy01

Tha Fum Galaxy04

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use a soft light which would work for an image inspired by paintings, something that always comes back in my work. For this I used my broncolor Siros 800 L with a broncolor Octabox 100cm which had both its diffusers attached. The Octabox itself gives a nice as well as soft light and is also big enough for an incredible fill in. I placed the Octabox as high as I could in my studio so the light would fall both on her and the black backdrop. Like this I was able to ensure enough separation between the two of them – something that would also allow me to bring in digital backdrops from The Backdrop Studio in post-production.

The light itself was positioned almost directly in front of the model, slightly angled to the left so I could keep shooting without having any interference of my tripod. For the light strength, I decided to work at only 3.0 and instead experimented with shutterspeed and aperture to ensure a correct exposure (slightly on the darker side).

BTSTha Fum2

Tha Fum Galaxy05

Once I had my light placed, I knew that I needed some fill on the right side of my model in order to keep the details sharp and the shadows not too dark. I took my giant reflector and placed it on the right side, in a 45 degrees angle.

I achieved a slightly more modern touch using my broncolor Move 1200 l with a broncolor MobiLED and attached a broncolor Stripbox 30x120cm to it. I positioned the light on the left of my model so it wouldn’t spill on the backdrop yet give a beautiful rim light. No matter which direction she turned with her face or her body the rim light would stay more or less the same. Since I wanted this to be a strong fill in light, I decided to set the strength of my Move 1200 l to 3.0.

Tha Fum Galaxy07

Tha Fum Galaxy10

Because most of the light came either almost directly from above or the side, I used a smaller reflector and placed it angled on my battery so it would bounce a bit back to fill in the shadows on her dress and her chin for a more flattering outcome.