In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Justin Bettman

Andy Nordin

I recently did a shoot with model Andy Nordin of Heroes Models in my Brooklyn studio. I used the shoot as an opportunity to experiment more with my new broncolor modifiers and test various lighting setups. The first set up for most of my shoots is usually natural light. It allows me to shoot quickly and establish a connection with the model before getting too technical.

justin 1

After shooting a couple of different looks with Andy in natural light, I moved into my first strobed setup. For this shot, I used a Siros S with a beauty dish aimed at a white wall to blow out the background and create almost a silhouette of the subject. I also added an Octabox 150 from the camera left side, behind the subject, to illuminate some details in his face. I’m really happy with how this setup turned out.

For the following look, I wanted to achieve a Rembrandt style lighting. For this setup, I used a Siros S on my Para 133 HR with the light almost completely de-focused. I love how the Para gives a dodge/burn look straight out of camera, but with the de-focused light how it still maintains a fairly soft quality of light. 

justin 2

20170924-Andy-Nordin 0646

Grafik 3

For the final setup, I wanted to have the illusion that the image was lit with a skylight, similar to how Irving Penn used to light. For this, I used a 150 Octabox completely over the subject, giving a beautiful soft quality of overhead light. I feel like this lighting isn’t always flattering, but when working with a professional model, it really holds up well.

20170924-Andy-Nordin 0789

Overall I’m really pleased with the quality of light I’ve been able to achieve with my new Broncolor equipment. I recently got the BronControl app up and running so it’s been great being able to adjust the lights directly from the digi station.