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In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions


An Arctic Western Story

An Arctic Western Story-4

Iceland offers a very wide range of locations and landscapes which allows me to recreate different worlds.
Most of my inspirations are from cinema and the feeling of being transported by a good story associated with the appropriate decor as well as fashion and light.
Being also passionate about fashion, I always try to give a cinematic look in my photoshoot.
For this project, the idea was inspired by a western atmosphere but without going into the cliché of an American western movie.
For the styling, we mixed vintage Hermès outfits and accessories with outfits of an Icelandic brand "Farmers Market", the combination of both gives the western style sought after but with a European touch.

An Arctic Western Story

For the model, Brièt, a 20-year-old Icelandic singer known for her EP "In Too Deep", was the perfect choice for her typical Nordic / Scandinavian appearance to match the story of this project "An Arctic Western Story".
We were lucky to have access to a place for the photoshoot that corresponded to the moodboard and which allowed us to have access to some Icelandic horses known for their small size.

An Arctic Western Story-5

Regarding the equipment, I used only 2 lights, a PARA 88 with a MobiLed powered by a Move 1200 and a Siros L 400 with a P45 reflector as a back light.
I really like using the PARA 88 in most of my shoot for its versatility and control over the light direction.
I used the Siros L 400 with the reflector P45 to recreate a grazing light at the end of the day, the P45 allows to optimize the power of the Siros L and gives me the opportunity not to be limited in the distance between the light and my subject.
The connection between the two different units is very good thanks to the RFS 2.2 transmitter without any interruption.


Watch his BTS video: 

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