In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Lauri Laukkanen

A Test-Shoot

So, about a week ago I received my batch of new broncolor-equipment through the Gen NEXT program.

Needless to say I was quite excited to receive the gear, and my hands have been itching to create something cool with them.

Before taking the lights into the “real world” - on commercial assignments - I wanted to organise a simple test-shoot in order to experiment and get to know the equipment thoroughly. I called some of my friends and gathered together a great team of awesomely talented professionals who helped me in making my vision a reality.

The “main-image” I had in mind was a very colorful, and slightly magical portrait of our model wearing a custom handcrafted butterfly-headpiece by Nadia Laukkanen. Elina Armas quickly grasped the idea and did her magic as the MUA on the shoot. Hair styling had a big role in the photograph as well, and I was happy to have Sarianna Sormunen, one of the most talented hair stylists in Finland, working on the hair on the day of the shoot. The model for this image was the amazingly beautiful and talented Minna Somero.


Great make-up and styling always takes time - especially when creating a concept like this.

Normally during that time I try to connect with the models and team, set up the studio, test the lighting, drink coffee etc. But this time I decided to use those few extra hours efficiently, and called one of my male-model friends - Sergei / Paparazzi - and asked him to join us on set as well. While the team was working on Minna’s look, we did some light-tests with Sergei.


I had decided to use the broncolor Move 1200 L + Para 88 as my mainlight on the day, and just after a few test-shots I quickly fell in love with the setup. The consistent light-quality of the broncolor MobiLED flash-head and the amazing control that the Para 88 gives, just blew me away and I’m pretty sure this setup will be my go-to option in the future.


For the main-image I changed up the setup a bit. I kept the Move 1200L + Para 88 as my main light, but added two broncolor Siros 400S lights on both sides of the model. I gelled one of them with a blue gel, and the other one with a red gel - these lights gave me the additional colors that complemented the makeup and built up the overall feel of the image that we were going after.

All in all, this photoshoot was a great experience that helped me get to know the equipment better, and I can now confidently introduce these lights and modifiers into my workflow on a commercial set. Can’t wait to create more exciting imagery with these lights!

‘Till next time,
- Lauri