In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Manuel Mittelpunkt

A huge present for Dusseldorf

At the end of 2014 I photographed this image for the german city Dusseldorf. It was a very and exciting project, because this time there was a big team which worked on the creation of the picture. It was very important to have excellent set designers, because each letter was wrapped up in christmas paper. Much love and patience was invested in every letter.

For the technical part, I could trust the equipment of broncolor again. The flash lights were perfect for this shooting, because the customer wanted a neutral and equaled light. The goal was to make the letters look friendly and nice. For this matter, I decided to use a soft lighting style, which I got from the broncolor Softboxes.

I used the 90 x 120 Softbox from above, which was the main light. From underneath I used the 120 x 30 Softbox in order to brighten the shadows. I aimed both boxes perfectly at the motive, so that the whole illumination came straight from the front.

The size of the the Softbox 120 x 30 helped me a lot, because it was very small and didn't use much space. This gave me the chance to place my camera in the front of the set in order to get a good shot. Because of the excellent quality of broncolor's flash lights me and my team got perfect images. We had no complications or problems. It all worked out fine!

You can see a few of the „Making Of“ images below.

The nice part of this shooting was that the customers placed the set design in a city light commercial box at a popular place Dusseldorf. The images were distributed as big posters in the whole city.

But go ahead and check out the end result yourself!