In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions


50 shades of Summer

Saida Ferris1

I’ve been wanting to shoot a lookbook with sunglasses for a while, mostly because  I always had some lowkey obsession with interesting looking sunglasses and I’ve been collecting them for the past ten years now. Since I’ve lately been feeling inspired by approaching my work in different themes and directions – as every artist should do when they come at a certain point again, I decided this would be a great opportunity. Using artificial light on location is one of those “new” things I’ve been getting inspired by and because it has become so incredibly easy to do with the Siros 800 – I’ve been taking any opportunity so far to practice in any light opportunity out there. With this shoot happening at noon – with what is considered one of those “worst natural light” conditions (or it used to be for me at least) – it would be a great opportunity to see what would come out of it.



Saida Blue3

Another motivation and inspiration behind this shoot is trying new themes and styling: for the past 2 years I’ve been collecting clothing in second hand stores across Antwerp that didn’t necessarily fit into the “fantasy” aesthetics but still grabbed my attention for they where not conventional clothing.

I asked my model, Saida, if she was down switching the concept of the shoot the evening before and go outside for our shooting time instead – which she happily agreed too and we met up in Antwerp city itself. My initial idea was to use a lot of interesting angles, capture the buildings in the backdrop and really give it an urban vibe. But when we went to the first location -  I saw there was a ferris wheel which served as an even better backdrop. After shooting the first set there, in the full sun – we decided to go to another location about 50 meters further as the weather was getting too warm for us to handle. Sitting under the trees, with some interesting depth and backdrops to work with turned out to be equally as inspiring.

For all of these I only used a single light, a siros 800 with a 60x100cm softbox , which is what allows me to work in almost any light situation – be it in the full sun like with the ferris wheel or as either a fill in light for the softer sets. Or even to create strong, dramatic light. It’s versatility is incredible awesome and allowed me to create a range of images that are pretty awesome, despite it being just a two-woman team on set where I had to take all creative direction on me. I do have to say that I did forgot my weights for the tripod so we had to slightly improvise to ensure my tripod wouldn’t trip over due to the wind.

Saida Blue2

Saida Blue1

Saida Blue3

Saida Blue4

Everything is shot in HS (high speed) as I prefer working with a wider aperture, with all of those being shot with a 50mm and an aperture from 1.4 to 1.8 , resulting in a beautiful bokeh in the background.




Saida BW1 01

Saida BW2 01

Saida BW3 01

Saida BW5 01