In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Cristina Otero

100k Facebook Followers

This piece is called “100k.”, and it’s one of my favorite works. It’s titled this way because I decided I wanted to give a gift to my Facebook followers for all their support throughout the years when I reached the 100k likes, and I thought this piece went really well with such occasion.

I wanted to create a piece that would represent some of the arts that have served me as inspiration. It’s a self-portrait, and it was quite hard to have the chords right in my back, I pasted them with glue in my back and fingers. With the other hand, I used the camera remote control right before posing.

For this picture, I only needed one light, and so I used the broncolor Siros 400s with a large silver umbrella on the left side of the picture. I wanted to create sharp shadows in the back and I knew the umbrella would give me the effect I was looking for. I’m getting really used to this Siros kit, and since it’s very simple to use, it took me very little to prepare the setting.  I used my Pentax k3 with the Sigma f1.8 18-35mm lenses and later edited the photograph with Lightroom and Photoshop.

It was quite an experiment for me to shoot this, and I learned a lot from this photoshoot!