In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

See the future

of photography


The future belongs to the trailblazers and the visionaries. It belongs to the next generation of talented young photographers who step up to create and control the light.

broncolor Gen NEXT is a project based on a selected group of young photographers which stand out due to their exceptional talent, skills and creative visions. They are active pioneers in what they do, they like to break new ground, push their industry forward and inspire others along the way. Gen NEXT stands for the gateway to the views of tomorrow, for the spearhead of photography.

The Gen NEXT concept is simple. broncolor equips the next generation of photographers with professional lighting equipment for photography and videography and gets their amazing images and stories in exchange. This year broncolor feels honoured to cooperate with our partners for memory solutions, SanDisk and G-Technology.

On the Gen NEXT blog the new talents give exclusive insights into their every day life as young photographers, behind-the-scences, lighting tutorials and inspiration for other passionate photographers.

Welcome to the future of photography.

Welcome to broncolor Gen NEXT.

Benjamin von Wong