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In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Victoria Krundysheva

Victoria Krundysheva is a conceptual fashion photographer, art & creative director.
Through her work and visual metaphors, she calls attention to major social and individual matters.

Photography to her is personal meditation - a way to connect with her inner-world and the world outside to identify the systems and cycles in which these worlds function.

Her work is both intensely personal and loudly public; taking major social constructs and issues and internalizing them to reflect her deepest engagement in each.

All of Victoria’s work is inspired by her free spirit, metaphorical vision and attention to detail, backed up by surreal, dream-like presentation.

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Hi! My name is Laura; though everyone knows me as 'Sheridan's Art' . I'm based in the city of Antwerp but I grew up on the more rural side of Belgium where I spent my childhood playing games in fields and daydreaming – with a lot of this still playing a big part in my life. Since the summer of 2016, I’ve been running a full-time studio specializing in artistic portraiture and fine art imagery for clients all around the world.

Thanks to my parents, being creative and involved in art always had a big influence in my life. For as long as I can remember, I also tried all types of mediums to express myself. Only two stuck with me; writing and photography. Just like writing, (which allowed me to create worlds of possibility), photography allowed me to almost instantly capture anything I wanted right in front of me.

In 2007, I got a small Canon Powershot A470 for my birthday which greatly shaped my passion. When I came to Antwerp for my fashion studies in 2009, I discovered sites like Deviantart with amazing, talented people whose creativity was on a whole new level. It all kicked off there for me and slowly but steadily, “Sheridan's Art” came to life. It also became my desire to make this my professional career. In the summer of 2016, I decided to take that leap of faith. I guess the rest is kind of a history right now...

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I'm a 26-year-old French photographer born in the south of Spain. After studying sales and communication with real estate as a major, I decided to go into graphic design and visual communication. I applied for the contest exam for the Toulouse School of Fine Arts, and I was refused. Deciding it was time to discover something else, I made the decision to go to New Zealand for a year in order to learn English and get to know myself better. It was during this journey that my passion for photography was ignited.

On my return to France, I continued my exploration of photography while working as a receptionist for a five-star hotel. I then decided to move to Montreal where I applied for a college program in commercial photography - 15 months later I got my diploma and won the prize for the best portfolio. That same year I participated in a contest organized by the magazine PHOTO and won the opportunity to have one of my landscape photos published.

On October 26th 2017, I won the SONY prize: ‘emerging photographer of the year 2016/2017’ thanks to a fashion project realized in September 2017 in Canada. My photography work is mainly focused on fashion, portrait and landscapes - and I love to mix them by doing on-location photoshoots to create unique images with surreal atmospheres.

I now live in Iceland and I'm starting a new adventure opening a creative agency called North Pole Studio with 3 partners, focusing on photography, graphic design, videography and interior design.

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Marnus Meyer

I grew up in Bloemfontein, a small town in South Africa. As a child I was very shy, so my mind became my sanctuary and my imagination helped me to make sense of the world around me. It’s no wonder that I turned out to be such a daydreamer!

I went on to study photography at the Central University of Technology from 2008 - 2010. A year later, I moved to Cape Town to pursue my dream of being a beauty and fashion photographer. I may still be a daydreamer, but photography has grounded me and allows me to live in the present moment. When I pick up my camera, I feel confident, aware and in control. People inspire me the most, so the creatives I work with, my family and friends are always present in my work in some way or another.

My strengths as a photographer start before I even take the picture. It’s all in the lighting and directing – these are two things I pride myself in. Light distinguishes my work from other photographers in the industry; while directing my subjects has given me insight into the human form, expression and emotion.

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Nils Wilbert

I didn't plan to be a photographer. If I am being completely honest, I thought I would be a chef. The creation of a meal that captivates the senses was fascinating to me. That is until I got an internship at a photo studio. I realised I could create an image, that also engages the senses but through a completely different medium. I immediately started a 3-year apprenticeship in a studio in Koblenz, Germany.

Here I learnt the technical know-how in greater detail and this really helped shape my core knowledge. However, I felt that I needed to experiment more and to push myself out of my comfort zone. So, I moved to London and started working on small independent projects. The pay was the worst but the experiences were extraordinary. I began to find my aesthetic and grow both personally and professionally.

In 2015, I decided to make another change and moved to Berlin. The culture here… the city… there is something about it that has had a very strong impact on my photography style. My work shifted to primarily product photography. Now I focus on telling a story, the story of an object, with light and shadow being my tools.

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